About Threadbare

Threadbare Games is a team of crazy nerds who’ve assembled to bring the masses awesome strategy games. We’re working on exciting titles that will be enjoyed on iOS, Android and the mobile web.

The team


Zach Larson

Founder, CEO and Game Master of Threadbare
Zach has been fighting in the DotCom wars since ’99. He’s been an engineer, a designer, a sysadmin, and a product guy. He was CPO at SideReel (acquired 2011) and is now CEO at Threadbare Games where he helps make mobile games for gamers. He’s @zachlarson on Twitter and posts frequently on the Threadbare blog.

Dan Hoffman

Founder, Programmer and Taskmaster
Dan likes things to work. He likes them to work well. Dan spent years creating applications that consume genetic data and produce life. Naturally he then turned his urges to mobile game design. He’s fueled mostly by tropical drinks and salad. If you leave him alone he’ll drink all your rum and play all your rock music.

Randall Nickerson

Founder and Programmer
Randy has fought on many planes and in many places. His name is whispered legend in Azeroth. He is prone to unexpected stances much like a logically drunken barbarian. Before devoting himself to the reification of game logic and the creation of Artificial Intelligences he was a member of the Cult of Data Processing and was adept at enormous file verification and manipulation.

Connor Fitzgerrell

Assistant Producer and Jedi Knight
Connor is responsible for community management and connecting with Threadbare’s fans. He turns that connection into food for the Threadbare game design machine. He appreciates video games that are highly polished in all aspects and, as a result, spends most nights destroying lesser foes in Hawken. You can seek him out through his age old call sign “SKRILL” but be warned his skills of deception and unpredictable play style make him a deadly opponent.

Jennifer Howard

Artist and Penguin Master
And now a message from Jen: “I stalk the Threadbare Games headquarters to deliver art assets unto Overlord Zach and pray to the Gods of Coffee, Beer and Photoshop for my daily survival. The constant clicking for cookies and screams of anguish from the Star Wars Games tournaments can drive a person mad, but somehow I prevail. When my soul needs nourishment, I always turn to BrodyQuest to strengthen my resolve and my fighting spirit. Oh, also large amounts of bubble tea.”